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Equipment we bring

  • 2 mates (gourds to brew Yerba mate) + 2 bombillas (the straws)
  • some yerba mate
  • some green (and hopefully others) tea
  • A Monotribe and a few percussive instruments
  • some audio cables and splitters
  • A Gameboy Advance (no charger so far :/ )
  • A film camera

* audio recording device * pocketcamera (canon power shot) * tamarind paste (for cooking club? mate)

Equipment we need

  • A charger for a Game Boy Advance
  • A water boiler
  • A good soundsystem
  • An audio mixer
  • Pillows and blankets for some kind of lounge
  • Lights (a lot!)
  • A Super Nintendo with Street Fighter II :)
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